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Case Study: Sarah's Story

Sarah is 17 years old and lives in Killisick in Arnold and has lived there for two years.  Sarah has attended both of the Killisick Youth Groups now for a year and a half and has been involved in many different activities throughout her time in the group.

When we first met Sarah and started to work with her she was approaching the end of her final year in secondary school.  She was not sure what she wanted to do after she had left school and therefore decided that she would continue at the same school and do A-levels there.  In her spare time Sarah would spend time with her friends in and around the Killisick estate and would openly engage in drinking alcohol on the local park with other members of her peer group.  After just 1 month into her A-level course Sarah chose to leave the course as she found that she did not enjoy it. 

At this point Sarah approached a member of the Groundwork youth and play team to discuss her options. After a long discussion Sarah came to the decision that she would apply for a 6 month course in Business Administration from which she could progress onto a full time Business course at college.

Teenage girls sitting against a wall.We worked with Sarah throughout this process in order to support her to achieve these goals which meant spending time discussing interview techniques, carrying out mock interviews, helping her to write applications, her CV, and personal statements.  Alongside, this personalised support plan we also worked with Sarah through our group projects within which she worked to organise a community Christmas fair which was a huge success as it brought together members from all areas of the local community. 

Similarly, Sarah has also taken part in the local residents association Summer Fayre where she ran a stall on behalf of the local residents association doing face painting.  She also worked as part of a group to organise a residential trip for the group. 

Alongside, this we have supported Sarah and her peers in looking at other issues such as; the effects of alcohol, drug awareness, choices and consequences, safe sex and personal development.  Through this work we have looked at perceptions around these issues and worked with Sarah and the group to reduce ‘risk’ within the young people’s lives.

Sarah also signed up as volunteer with us over the summer before starting her permanent college course in order to gain practical experience to accompany the knowledge she gained at college through doing her business admin course.  During this time Sarah, not only worked with the youth and play team helping with their administration but she was also able to shadow a member of the Human Resources department which is the area she is most interested in.  During her volunteering Sarah also sat on an interview panel for a new youth and play worker role which gave her a valuable insight into the interview process.

Sarah is now on her college course and is looking into the possibility of going on to university next year, something that she openly admits she didn’t see herself doing 2 years ago.  Sarah states that the activities she has taken part in throughout her time with the Killisick Youth group have provided her with practical experience that she has been able to demonstrate at college interviews.  Sarah no longer ‘hangs out’ on the local park drinking alcohol and admits that although she does still drink she is also more aware now of the potential risks involved in doing so and takes measures to protect herself more against these.

As a youth and play team we are extremely proud of Sarah and the route she has chosen to take.  Sarah now has a clear plan for her future and is set upon increasing her likeliness of gaining employment at the end of her education and has a clear, well thought out and well organised plan.

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