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Case Study: Laura & the Killisick Group

Historically within the Killisick estate there has been a significant Anti-Social Behaviour in the area, largely associated with young people.  Due to the local geography and facilities, young people felt that there was a lack of things for them to do on the estate and this resulted in large number of young people regularly congregating in the local park, outside the local community centre and outside the church hall.  This also led to issues around the use of drugs and alcohol, noise nuisance and vandalism such as garffitti.

Teenage girls sitting against a wall.Laura was 14 when work originally began in the area to combat anti-social behaviour.  She was one of a number of young people who helped to identify a need for detached youth work within the area and for sporting activities to take place.  This need was also identified and supported by the Arnold and Killisick Residents Association (AKRA) and the Killisick Improvement Team (KIT).

The plan to address these issues was to engage young people through a series of consultation activities which were run alongside diversionary and sporting activities on the local park.  The young people took part in a number of planning activities and identified what they wanted to see happen for young people in the local area.

Laura was extremely active in the planning process and since then has been a key member of the Killisick Youth Group.  During her involvement with the Youth Group Laura has progressed significantly.  Last July Laura volunteered to work with Young participants in the area through another project that ran through out the city engaging communities in sporting activities, Laura played a large part in planning the community Christmas fair that the young people organised and involved other local organisations in, and supported Groundwork Greater Nottingham in delivering community events and activities through their SvS project.

Laura has worked hard in her first year at college and has completing her first year of a two year Art and Design course, something which her youth workers have supported her with.  Laura now has the aspiration to go to university to study public services and if this is the case she will be the first person in her family to attend university.

Laura’s attendance has been exemplary, she has been positive and pro-active in engaging with activity, as well as taking opportunities to lead activities.  During the planning of both the Christmas, and Summer fairs Laura has been at the forefront of the planning suggesting ideas, and taking on responsibilities such as; baking cakes, making crafts to sell and helping to run face painting stalls.

Laura’s involvement and progress has been a particularly big achievement for her, as she was originally identified by our youth workers as involved in a particularly disruptive, and destructive group of young people.  Over time Laura has managed to distance herself from this group and the undesirable behaviours, and she has also worked extremely hard to overcome her own personal issues with anger. 

Our aim is to continue to support Laura with her endeavours and to reassure her that she can achieve things even when she doubts her own ability.  We are extremely proud of how far Laura has come over time and we are optimistic that Laura will achieve her ambitions fully. 

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