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Case Study: George's Story

George is 14 and has 2 older siblings that also attend the group, and he is very close to his siblings. George has been struggling with various issues within the area he lives, and within his ersonal life, including; anti-social behaviour in the local area, high amount of alcohol abuse and substance misuse and the rapidly deteriorating relationships between the young people and adults of the community.

Initially George would also become very confrontational when challenged about his behaviour and would not be able to see why he had been asked to stop doing some things.

We have supported George to identify what it is that ‘sets him off’ when he is angry or confronted about something, We have spoken with him at length, and always handle matters with care. George is always given a chance to explain his view point, and we then explain ours to demonstrate different perceptions of behaviours and situations. When the George does get in to arguments with other people we have learned to help him to de-escalate a situation and manage his anger more effectively, through time out. George tends to react well to this and can often then go on to have a positive relationship for the rest of the sessions with someone he may have just been arguing with.

George is able to come into each session and speak about some of the things that may be concerning him and which he feels he may need support, advice and guidance on.

George has been a part of the club’s open days for the wider community, bridging the gap between the local community and young people and repairing some previously damaged relationships between adults and young people. These open days are also a way for the young people to get to know the local community and show them some of the things they have done and learnt.

Young people playing footballGeorge has also been a part of many workshops and club activities which build up team work and a sense of self-worth, he has also taken part in drugs awareness activities and alcohol awareness.  He has had conversations surrounding drugs and alcohol and although in the community he has been offered the opportunity to take drugs, George is proud to be very strong minded and strong willed and says that has not been seduced by them, this is particularly key to George as he is a keen footballer and takes his health and fitness very seriously.

George still sometimes struggles to control his temper, and has moments where he gets angry but in the past 4 months he has been very warm towards staff and now tries to calm other young people when they are having a bad day and their behaviour becomes inappropriate. This has been a massive change as George now sees the staff as people who are trying to help not only him but the local community, and he has developed a sense of ownership towards the club and staff members. 

George understands that he still has a lot of challenges ahead of him, but he has learned that the youth club offers his a safe and supportive environment, and we hope he will continue to benefit from our activity.

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